Before and After

Dr Milena Bulgaranova-Read gets special satisfaction helping patients create the smile of their dreams. She believes the open communication between patient, ceramist and herself helps maximise results in every case.

Creating a Smile Makeover or Full Mouth Rehabilitation plan, requires using a multidisciplinary approach to dentistry and in some cases, engaging a team of specialists and dentists.

Case I   This case is an example of ten porcelain veneers to restore the length, shape and colour of the patient smile that was damaged due to wear and acid erosion.

Case II This case is an example of minimal restoration with 6 porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. The aim was to restore shape, length of the teeth, close existing gaps between the teeth and enhance the patients smile.

Case III This is an example of full mouth rehabilitation with porcelain crowns, bridges and Implant. The patient suffered a motor bike accident in his youth and with years of minimal dental care, work was required.

Subsequently, teeth were lost in numbers and others were root canal treated without the restorations ever being completed. The patient was treated with Full mouth rehabilitation that included: gum surgery, build-ups, porcelain crowns and implants to restore his tooth length, shape, position and bite.

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